Mix Now, Bake Later: Pancakes

We spent this weekend in Edmonton at the wedding of T’s brother and now-sister-in-law, L&N. I had only met them once before, but I was overwhelmed by how welcoming they both were. Though our time in Edmonton was brief, it was filled with a great deal of love and rejoicing. The wedding was perfect, simple and classic, with just enough of the bride and groom’s personality to make it one of a kind. We were lucky enough to get to stay with L&N and have some time away from the hullabaloo and I feel like I’ve gained a new set of friends. I’m hoping we’ll get to spend a lot more time with them in the future.

We had planned to stay until the afternoon on Monday, but on Sunday morning, L&N decided to go on an impromptu honeymoon to Mexico. T, being T, decided we should switch our tickets at the last moment from the reasonable hour of 3:30 in the afternoon, to 7:30 in the morning to match up with L&N’s flight. Of course, because they were flying international, this meant that we all had to get up around 4 am. Groan.

I should tell you now, I am NOT a morning person. I also do NOT function well on very little sleep. Frankly, it makes me as cranky now as it did when I was 2 yrs old. I need sleep, naps, rest, and tending in order to remain a pleasant and amiable human instead of the creature from the black lagoon. T knows this, but he seems to frequently forget when making plans, inevitably making his own life a great deal less pleasant. Poor T.

Anyway, when it was all said and done, we crawled back into our own beds at about 8:30 am Monday morning and fell asleep for the next 4 hrs. We, my friends, were in rough shape.

But as with all days there was still stuff to get done, and I knew I was going to have to convince T that getting out of bed was worth it, if we were ever going to pick-up-jars-grab-kitty-litter-grocery-shop-etc-etc-etc. So, I climbed out of bed before T and got to work making T’s favourite food: pancakes.

When T and I first started dating a year and a half ago, he was pretty disappointed to discover I couldn’t eat gluten. This is a boy who loves all things bread. Pancakes, french toast, brioche, croissant…the breakfast glutens are the hardest to give up. I know. So, when I found that out about T, I knew that if we were going to make our relationship work with my diet, I was going to have to step up my game. This recipe from glutenfreegirl.com is my all time favourite gluten free pancake recipe. There’s something about the nuttiness of sorghum and teff flours married with the lightness of the tapioca that makes this recipe sing. They’re sweet and savoury and delicious.

But this morning, I was low on time and energy. So I pulled out a bag of Pamela’s Baking flour, my all time favourite gluten free not-from-scratch mix, and threw together the recipe out of the Joy of Cooking. Obviously, this was a morning of classic stand-bys.

The thing was, the pancakes I made, though yummy, weren’t as good as our usual recipe. They didn’t have the same crispy skin, nor the delightful crumb that actually looks like a real pancake. My solution? Make your own baking mix! I mixed together all the dry ingredients into a large mason jar and shook it around to distribute evenly. I then put a little note on the outside to let me know what I need to add to this mix to make the perfect pancakes. Time saving and organized! You should try it too with your favourite recipe so you can throw together anything in a pitch. I think chocolate cake might be my next inspired idea!

About Mary Alice

Canning has become a passion for me, as a way of putting up what I love about summer to enjoy all winter. I'm still learning so comments, suggestions, and questions are always welcome. Happy Canning!
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